Direct Mail Project Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop

This is a direct mail campaign for an event put on by the “Handcrafting” magazine in conjunction with a small DIY company. The company creates handmade cards, pop-up paper cards, paper clay items, as well as selling kits to make your own. The company owner would like to branch out and start offering workshops to teach others what they create.
Using the same flower icon as the basis of this invitation is representative of the magazine, but also what the DIY company is about. Adding the dotted line around the edges of the flower adds to the effect of a cut-out or DIY. Using an envelope style direct mail campaign allows the company to have more flexibility. There is consistency in the full package design which uses complementary colours representing fun and brightness. The back of the envelope has a perforated flower to peel away and open the envelope.
The complete design is set-up for the client to quickly and easily send out the package to their customers. The customer will then be able to respond fast and get a sense of the fun to come.

Direct Mail Mockup-FrontBack
Direct Mail Mockup-inside