Handcrafting Magazine Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop

The “Handcrafting” magazine was created for the DIY’er in all of us. Each issue has interviews, event news, reviews, new products, and their interesting content. The tagline for the magazine is ‘For the love of DIY’.
I created the first issue as a school project. It is a quarterly magazine, with the first issue of this magazine on the shelves in time for spring. It has a very soft, spring-like look and feel, with easy to read articles and simple layouts – focusing on Easter. The cover page uses an eye catching image with a soft look. The colours used are to give the mood and feeling of fun and simplicity. The font system used portrays the brand personality with a simple and fun hand-drawn font for the title of the magazine, with a well-paired and easy to read font for body and text.

Handcrafting Mockup-Cover
Handcrafting Mockup-spread1
Handcrafting Mockup-spread2